Live Courses

Join us for one of our in-person classes! Our courses offer cutting edge training in relational anatomy, emerging manual therapy and assessment techniques, whole body biotensegrity approaches, and more. Classes are taught all over the world. Don’t see a live course in your city or country? Contact us to find out how to bring Tensegrity Medicine to your neck of the woods!

Online Courses

Perfect for busy practitioners, new students, or those looking to brush up on previous Tensegrity Medicine courses! Converse with other students, access exclusive videos, and communicate with Kelly directly. Check this page often, as we are always adding new classes and content to our online platform.

NEW!  March, 2018-Activate Your Inner Physician (click on link below for more information and registration)

COMING SOON-Bowen and Tensegrity Medicine Journal Club-Class starts May 1st (click on link below for more information and registration)

One-on-One Mentorship

Do you have a particularly difficult case, questions about a class, or just need some business advice? Whatever your goal is, Kelly would love to help! One-on-one mentorship with Kelly is available via Skype in half hour increments. For more information and our fee schedule, please email

Here are what some of Kelly’s mentorship students are saying about their experience:


“Kelly is the most phenomenal teacher I’ve had the pleasure studying under. I would always look at the clock wishing that we had more time in class instead of it ending. She has an incredible ability of bringing out your vulnerabilities and turning them into strengths so you can see your true potential. I love her honesty. If she doesn’t know an answer she will admit to it instead of making it up and she never makes a student feel dumb. I wish we had more teachers like Kelly. She is an amazing asset to the medical community and to this world.”


“This mentorship radically changed not only my way of working with bodies technically in my private practice, but how I view my role as practitioner. Before I was more focused on technique and on “fixing” my clients. Now I see my work as part of a much larger process of a person’s evolution, in which their body is their expression in the world. My job is to provide choices and options to enhance that expression and thus their well-being.”


“My private massage therapy practice has transformed with the Tensegrity Medicine model and forever changed how not only I but, every single client looks at their bodies as a community of movement and/or restrictions. The model of only treating the isolated area hurting and in pain can no longer be accepted by either”


“The most fantastically mind-blowing, yet applicable, whole body system of treatment I have experienced so far. I use what I learned in this course every day in my practice.”


“This training was transformative on so many level. It showed me how to look at the body from a truly holistic perspective: fascial length, optimal muscle length to generate optimal force, the importance of movement retraining, and the part that our thought processes play in our health. Kelly’s teaching style is refreshing given her vast knowledge base. She knows the material inside and out. She is able to present it in a cogent manner that facilitates curiosity, self-examination, and critical thinking. She guided us through this course with compassion, humility, and grace. I am very grateful to have been a part of this work. Thank you, Kelly.”


“Best decision I have ever made for myself and best investment of time and money I have done. Has given me much more confidence in myself in being able to help people with a wide range of conditions.”