What is Tensegrity?

The characteristic property of a stable independent three-dimensional structure consisting of members under tension that are contiguous and members under compression that are not.  

“All structures, properly understood, from the solar system to the atom, are tensegrity structures. Universe is omnitensional integrity.” – Buckminster Fuller

Practitioners of Tensegrity Medicine™ assess the three dimensional balance of the human body, through orthopaedic, postural, and biotensegral assessments. Targeted and specific cutting edge manual therapy techniques are incorporated based on a whole body-relational framework. Movement, lifestyle management training, and client dialogue are utilized to facilitate global change and overall adaptability within the individual.

Our Curriculum

Applied Biotensegrity: Relational Fascial Anatomy

If your map is inaccurate, you will frequently get lost. If your view of the body is inaccurate, long lasting results will be hard to achieve, no matter the technique. Without understanding relational anatomy and the neurobiotensegral system, you may continue to ‘chase symptoms’ and get frustrated with ‘revolving door interventions’. Kelly Clancy will guide you through the intricacies of the biotensegrity system—and explain how the three dimensional forces of the connective tissue system creates  three dimensional balance for the whole body. Learn how to apply this new paradigm of biotensegrity to common pathologies and global movement patterns.

The Business of Holistic Practice

Get the help you need to avoid burnout, business coaching, successful marketing strategies, and practical advice on lifestyle management strategies for you and your clients.

 Bodymind Medicine for Manual Therapists

The clearest evidence of the mind influencing the body is stress related disorders—produced in the mind, through thoughts and emotions, which then affects the body with muscular tension, neurological changes, and dysfunctional adrenal responses. As manual therapists, we  combine the power of healing touch with our gentle listening and dialoguing skills, paying attention to a patient’s beliefs and feelings. We  incorporate lifestyle retraining related to belief systems, perceptions, and movement practices to alter long term habitual patterns and improve health and well being.

Energy Medicine

It’s all energy! Quantum physicists can explain it. We are beginning to see more and more practices related to energy medicine emerging in mainstream medicine. Come learn how you can incorporate energy medicine practices into your clinical practice.