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Our Curriculum:


Mind/Body Medicine for Manual Therapists

The clearest evidence of the mind influencing the body is stress—produced in the mind, through thoughts and emotions, which then affects the body with muscular tension, neurological changes, and adrenal response. As manual therapists, we can combine the power of healing touch with our gentle dialoguing skills, paying attention to a patient’s beliefs and feelings. We can make anecdotal suggestions on mind/body topics, but stay within our scope of practice.

Energy Medicine

It’s all energy! Quantum physicists can explain it. We are beginning to see more and more practices related to energy medicine emerging in mainstream medicine. Come learn from the experts on how you can incorporate energy medicine practices into your clinical practice.

Fascia: The New Anatomy

If your map is inaccurate, you will always get lost. And if your view of the body is inaccurate, what results will you achieve, no matter the technique? Without understanding fascia and its role in influencing the nervous, lymphatic, musculoskeletal, and venous/arterial system, you will never treat the whole body and the whole person. Kelly Clancy will guide you through the intricacies of fascia—and explain how fascia works by creating tensegrity as a support structure for our bodies. No anatomy prerequisites required! In addition, you’ll be introduced to whole bodywork methods, based on Tensegrity Medicine™ principles, while learning the basics of whole-body movement, and holistic nutrition.

The Business of Holistic Practice

Get the help you need to avoid burnout, with business coaching, marketing strategy, and practical advice on self-care.



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