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Sue Pfendler, LMT, PBP

Sue Pfendler, LMT, PBP

Sue’s martial arts practice first influenced her interest to become a massage therapist in 2004. She saw it as a way to help fellow karate students with muscle pain and injuries. Now within her studio, Sue offers clients from all walks of life a variety of care with Thai bodywork, Bowenwork, therapeutic, and medical massage. Far-infrared sauna & therapies are also offered treatments. As a registered yoga teacher, restorative & therapeutic yoga round out her private practice.

Sue has an innate understanding of the physical mind body and how she may bring clients every day lives into a more pain free balance. With a focus on therapeutic massage techniques for muscle pain recovery and integrating the whole body tension balance approach of Tensegrity Medicine, her recovery care offers effective and measurable results for her clients. She integrates her healing work with rhythm, improvisation, mindfulness practices and intuitive therapies all provided in a spa

Sue is also a 3rd degree black belt and co-owner of Uptown Karate in downtown Vancouver where she houses her studios.

Balanced Bodyworks

WA License #MA00020087

205 E 16th Street
Vancouver, WA 98663