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Sassia Woo Nelson, OTR/L

Sasha Woo Nelson, OTR/L

Sassia Woo Nelson (she/her)

Sassia is here to remind you of the deeper pause.  She companions her clients to create sanctuary within the beautiful messes we experience in our inside and outside world.

Sassia is a creative; a human; an occupational therapist; an advocate; a collaborator; a Tensegrity Medicine practitioner; a mind-dream-body-spirit-wake worker; an intuitive; a survivor; a curious student; and playful child in the arts of being (human).  She guides, feels, holds, and collaborates with individuals of all ages, family systems, community organization groups, and companies through new awareness’s and languages of embodiment (spoken and unspoken).  Together, we dream up tools and toys that aid in self-reflection and self-healing.

Sassia is interested in the question: What are our bodies capable of? with intersections of consent, resilience, pattern awareness, and intergenerational-ancestral-personal-systemic-physical trauma.  This can show up in bodies as stickiness, messages, stories, discomfort, pain, and dis-ease that affect our ways of being, even in receiving our basic needs.  She creates a space to be with and travel in the re-membering and acceptance of all the flows, to a sense of home, that are sometimes forgotten, messy, and hard to navigate alone.   She achieves this space through listening and pause, Tensegrity Medicine bodywork and methodology, imagery, sound and vibration, energy work, guided meditation, space making, holding of wounds and the nervous system, interoceptive and body awareness, movement, creativity, and play.  She believes that everything is connected and the tiniest of changes over time can make the big impacts in how we experience pain, exhaustion, discomfort, connection, love, and being with ourselves, our families, and our communities. Sassia encourages all to express their true, full, part, shapeshifting selves in her space!

For more information on her story, training, influences, and how to work with Sassia, please connect to her through her website: www.ankuwellness.com or at Sassian.OT@gmail.com.