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Renee Goodson, LMT, PBP

Renee Goodson, LMT, PBP

Renee graduated from Oregon School of Massage, received her license ( #15518) and opened her practice in Corvallis in 2008. She was introduced to Bowenwork after experiencing chronic back pain and was pain free after the first session. This remarkable experience inspired her to pursue Bowenwork certification and she now offers this dynamic modality to all of her clients with good results.

To deepen her work, Renee began to explore Tensegrity Medicine with Kelly Clancy in 2013 and is now incorporating this approach in her practice.

Because of what Renee has experienced in her own body, she understands chronic pain and how it can affect every part of the body, mind, and spirit. She feels Tensegrity Medicine offers her clients the opportunity to let go of postural restrictions and other factors that can affect the health of their body.

“My desire is to provide a safe, gentle, and effective way for the body to begin its healing journey toward balance, health and wellness.”

Renee Goodson, LMT, PBP

3211 SE Hathaway Drive
Corvallis, OR 97333