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Peter Spotts, LMT, PBP

Peter Spotts, LMT, PBP

Peter Spotts, L.M.T., practices Bowenwork and manual therapy in Columbia, Missouri. He has been a student of bodywork and health since 2012 and has been delighted to watch his treatments become more effective, quicker, and less invasive. The clear and precise testing of Tensegrity Medicine, before and after treatment, provides a measurable standard to easily track progress.

The Tensegrity approach informs every aspect of Peter’s practice from a simple relaxation massage to chronic illness therapy to injury treatment. Aspects of Bowenwork, Trager, Ligament Stimulation, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Sports massage and stretching, Lomilomi massage, and myofascial release all are in his “tool box,” ready to be employed as needed.

“The whole-person approach and structural emphasis of Tensegrity Medicine continues to deepen my interaction with clients. It’s a great modality for people who are ready to accept responsibility for their well-being and find the root cause of whatever issue they have been experiencing.”

Peter is a musician and lover of nature who enjoys time with his family, making herbal tinctures and salves (“nurturing the inner mad scientist”), and gardening. Currently learning jazz standards on tenor ukulele, he also finds great reward in the balancing practices of Tai Chi and Qigong. He and his family enjoy cooking, eating, laughter, cats, art, movies, nature and togetherness.

Meaningful Bodywork

409 Vandiver, Building 4, Suite 203
Columbia, MO 65202