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Cheryl Ferris, PhD, LAT, ATC

Cheryl Ferris, PhD, LAT, ATC

Cheryl has a PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Science and is a certified Bowenwork® Practitioner, Tensegrity Medicine Practitioner, and Certified/Licensed Athletic Trainer.


Cheryl’s first introduction to the study of the body was orthopedics and rehabilitation science in the 1990’s.  Having struggled with GI issues and low back pain is what led her to experience Bowenwork® then become certified in it as well as pursue other like-minded practices.  Her learning journey includes studying fascia, osteopathy, neuroscience, craniosacral techniques, light touch manual techniques, embodied dialoging, and mind body interventions to address pain and dysfunction.  She is constantly amazed at how innately intelligent our body and mind is and its ability to heal, restore, repair, and balance all systems of the body.

When she is not exploring the outdoors, you can connect with Cheryl at: