Integrative Coaching

Sessions are centered on understanding patterns within the global system -our physical, lifestyle, belief patterns, and emotions. This approach recognizes that the mind and the body are not separate and what the physical form is experiencing and expressing is directly influenced and informed by the inner world or what I call our ‘inner ecosystem’.

Integrative coaching explores the clients beliefs, values, emotions, habits, and perceptions through a non-pathologizing lens. All parts of our being are welcome! It builds on the assumption that clients self has innate wisdom and resources which can rebalance the system. Integrative coaching guides the participant in connecting with what is happening now to what could have potentially been the beginning of the now. In helping patterns be revealed and missing experiences claimed, integrative coaching helps  tap into ones own wisdom-Self energy which creates a shift within the global system.

Integrative coaching draws from a wide range of methodologies, each sharing the concepts of self healing, relational connection, and compassionate witnessing. Integrative coaches pay attention to all aspects of a client’s experience, including bodily sensations, tensions, traumas, perceptions, emotions, and habits.  The integrative process is about inclusion of that which was once excluded through attunement, co-regulation, and self regulation practice.

An Integrative coaching session provides a space to improve a person’s self-awareness and self compassion through reflective listening and curious exploration. This root-cause approach of identifying and altering the tension in the global system can help facilitate profound change.   An emphasis on lifestyle integration with habitual change is emphasized as a way to solidify new patterns and ways of being which support your values, intentions, and gifts.

What is a session like?

Each meeting is centered around a particular area or situation in your life that you may want more insite into such as your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, or habitual patterns. Remember, this approach is non pathologizing. We spend time getting to know your inner ecosystem and all of the parts that may be driving your decisions and your physiologic patterns. Our compassionate and curious approach is acknowledging that all parts of us are welcome, though some parts are carrying burdens that are outdated and sometimes excessive. With this compassionate witnessing and helping your system identify missing experiences or burdens, we then can help rebalance the system through self inquiry and Self awareness practices.

Who would benefit from Integrative Coaching?

Anyone who is interested in greater self inquiry. Individuals who may be experiencing physical issues, emotional or belief patterns that are interfering with who and how they want to be in the world.


$120 per session
Sliding scale is available

Each session is 60-90 minutes

Email her directly if you would like to schedule a session.

Integrative Coaching Details

Each session is 60-90 minutes.

$120 per session
Sliding scale is available

Email Kelly to schedule a session: