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Tensegrity Medicine and IFS

Cost: $49.00

An Introduction Into Bodymind Treatment & Dialogue

  • Learn how the concepts of biotensegrity informed treatment and Internal Family Systems language can facilitate whole person care.
  • Learn you can begin to use parts language as a tool when dialoguing in your therapy sessions.
  • Understand  the foundational concepts of systems theory and relational interdependence.
  • Gain a better understanding about compensations and physical restrictions as sophisticated and intelligent protective mechanisms.
  • Help your client understand why pain is not something to get rid of, but instead is something to move toward.
  • Learn how to recognize when compensatory strategies are needed and necessary and should not be gotten rid of.
  • Understand how safety, curiosity, resourcing and coregulation are foundational in treatment sessions. 

This recording will introduce the movement or manual therapist to the principles of systems theory, relational anatomy, and bodymind integration. 

We explore how to use these concepts in understanding the physical body’s relationship with the mental and emotional body when it comes to addressing the whole person.  

Kelly introduces the IFS model and parts language as a way to understand patterns and morphogenic gestures within the client’s system.  

Learn how you can begin to use some of this languaging in discussing bodymind patterns within your client’s system.

Develop strategies for altering the ‘lens of viewing’ when establishing home exercises programs, introducing new habits and lifestyle choices.  

Who is this class for?

  -Anyone interested in working with others with a whole bodymind perspective. 

  -Anyone interested in understanding their own bodymind map.


When:  Anytime-this is a recorded lecture

Where:  Online

Cost:  $49




February 22, 2021
June 22, 2021
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Kelly Clancy
206 698-3187