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Date: April 11 – April 11, 2022

Tensegrity Medicine™ Advanced Mentorship Training


What Is Tensegrity Medicine Training About?

This comprehensive program will assist the practitioner in learning valuable skills in understanding the bodymind approaches to medicine and the various factors that go into health and healing.  

Tensegrity Medicine specialists are experts in the areas of the neurofascial system, whole body biotensegrity assessment,  innovative cutting edge light touch manual therapies, somatic sense perception training, and dialoguing skills involving the body, thoughts, perceptions, and emotions.   

Students of the Tensegrity Medicine mentorship training learn about their own bodies and their own beliefs so they can practice more embodied whole body, whole person medicine.  The student learns to enrich their therapeutic sessions with up to date scientifically based information and practices, but also has a focus on enriching their understanding of themselves and how they can be more fulfilled in their work as a practitioner.

What Will You Learn In The Training?

  • Understand the biotensegrity model of fascia and how any disruption in tension or compression forces of the neurofascial system can influence posture, strength, range of motion and  function.
  • Understand the concepts of tensegrity and how three dimensionally balancing the physical structure can restore balance and diminish pain and pathological movement patterns.
  • Be able to perform global assessments of the tension compression patterns of the body to determine a rationale treatment approach.
  • Be able to objectively measure both pre and post treatment therapeutic outcomes of fascial tension.
  • Learn to apply clinical critical reasoning skills related to the biotensegrity framework in determining a treatment approach.
  • Apply new manual therapy techniques based on the latest scientific research in neuroscience and connective tissue.
  • Learn to incorporate movement strategies to facilitate new movement patterns to increase long term carry over of therapeutic care.
  • Learn dialoguing skills to address the cognitive patterns and lifestyle choices in order to influence the physical balance of the body.
  • Learn documentation skills to increase efficiency and consistency in communication.  
  • Learn how to practice self care practices and strategies to avoid burnout.
  • Learn models of myofascial kinetic chains and how they can be used as a ‘roadmap’ in determining restrictions in the body and progression of care.
  • Learn how to teach your clients how to activate their own ‘inner physician’ as part of the healing process.
  • Learn how the use of somatic sensations can play an important role in facilitating change in postural and tensional patterns.

Our  NEW  advanced mentorship program includes a combination of live and online course based learning.  This program is dynamic in that it emphasizes the biotensegrity versus the biomechanical model as a framework for understanding the body.  It not only examines the fascia and nervous system in great detail but also the concepts of our body being a representation of our internal dialogue, thought patterns, beliefs and perceptions.

The Tensegrity Medicine advanced mentorship student explores all facets of the individual-body, mind, emotions, perceptions, spirit, in understanding how these all shape our physiology.

The student will learn the latest research related to the connective tissue system (neuromyofascial system), psychoneuroendocrinology, along with objective assessment strategies including myofascial testing, orthopaedic, neurologic, functional movement assessments.  They will also learn, in detail, manual therapy interventions that are targeted and gentle on the therapist and client.  Education on movement retraining principles for system integration will be emphasized via global kinetic chain patterns.  The student will also learn how to initiate dialoguing strategies as a means to improve proprioceptive and interoceptive awareness which can facilitate a greater understanding of how lifestyle habits and perceptions contribute to pain and dysfunction.

Our emphasis is not on ‘fixing’ our clients, but instead helping locate and identify where the ‘stagnations’ lie in the system(s), increasing self awareness and compassionate witnessing to these regions, and ultimately training the client in establishing new patterns, through hands on treatment,  movement,  dialoguing about perceptions, and training in lifestyle habits as a means to create empowerment and long lasting change.  This approach leads to resolution of pain, chronic movement and functional limitations while returning agency back to the client.

The advanced  training will include the following:

 Live courses (included in tuition)

Regular live advanced training courses

  • 5 day classes twice a year (20 hours total)
  • Includes hands on training-myofascial testing, biotensegrity based orthopaedic and functional assessments, light touch manual therapy techniques, functional movement training, bodymind dialoguing

Dissection (optional) (not included in tuition-priority enrollment)

  • Fresh tissue with biotensegrity emphasis
  • Offered yearly

Tensegrity Medicine Destination Retreat (optional) (not included in tuition-priority enrollment)

  • Offered yearly
  • 5 day retreat in beautiful settings around the world

Online training (included in tuition)

Monthly webinars 

  • Review postural and movement assessment principles
  • Prioritizing sequencing of therapeutic interventions-when and where to use your light touch therapies
  • Clinical reasoning skills utilizing biotensegrity framework
  • Biotensegrity based relational anatomy training intensives
  • Diagnosis and pathology based treatment rationale-understand the physiology of pathologies
  • Emotional themes-psychotensegrity-learn open ended questioning, dialoguing with the symptoms
  • Lifestyle retraining-Home program coaching-physical, emotional, cognitive
  • Fascial research and application into clinical practice-newest research-how does it apply to our clinical work

Book club (included in tuition)

  • 8 months – Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers
    • Read a chapter a month and attend the online course where Kelly reviews the information, explains how she uses this work in her clinical practice and why it is important for us to understand how to bring this work to our understanding of the global system(s).

Journal club (included in tuition)

  • Review recent relevant research related to Tensegrity Medicine principles
    • We will all read the same research article, answer discussion questions about the topic, share ideas with other students about the clinical relevance of the results.
    • Stay abreast of the pertinent research related to our passion of whole bodymind care.

Teleconferences (included in tuition)

  • Every 6-8 weeks-live online conferencing with Kelly and fellow students
    • Ask questions, share clinical experiences, review material, review cases, stay connected with like minded therapists

Discussion Forum (included in tuition)

  • Be a part of our private online discussion forum.  Join with other Tensegrity Medicine Mentorship students from around the world.  Ask questions, make connections, share success stories, share articles-help change the way medicine is practiced!


Advanced Training – 20 hours live training + online content

Masters Training – 10 additional hours live training + online content

Current Locations:

More details to follow as venues are confirmed.

If this is something that sounds interesting and you would like to be added to our student wait list, click the link above next to your location.  If you would like to begin a mentorship training in your area of the world, email info@tensegritymedicine.com




April 11
April 11, 2022
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