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Postponed-Tensegrity Medicine™ Training Austria-Module 6

This program emphasizes the biotensegrity versus the biomechanical model as a framework for understanding the body.  It not only examines the fascia and nervous system in great detail but also the concepts of our body being a representation of our internal dialogue, thought patterns, beliefs and perceptions.

What is this training about?

This comprehensive program will assist the practitioner in learning valuable skills in understanding the bodymind approaches to medicine and the various factors that go into health and healing.

Tensegrity Medicine training covers the areas of the neurofascial system, whole body biotensegrity assessment,  innovative cutting edge light touch manual therapies, somatic sense perception training, and dialoguing skills involving the body, thoughts, perceptions, and emotions.

The student learns to enrich their therapeutic sessions with up to date scientifically based information and practices that address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and movement of the whole person.

What will you learn in this ongoing Tensegrity Medicine Training program?

  • Understand the biotensegrity model of fascia and how any disruption in tension or compression forces of the neurofascial system can influence posture, strength, range of motion and  function.
  • Understand the concepts of tensegrity and how three dimensionally balancing the physical structure can restore balance and diminish pain and pathological movement patterns.
  • Learn the latest research related to the connective tissue system (neuromyofascial system), psychoneuroendocrinology, and neuroscience as it relates to sensation, pain, interoception and proprioception.
  • Be able to perform global assessments of the tension compression patterns of the body to determine a rationale treatment approach.
  • Be able to objectively measure both pre and post treatment therapeutic outcomes of fascial tension.
  • Learn to apply clinical critical reasoning skills related to the biotensegrity framework in determining a treatment approach.
  • Apply new manual therapy techniques based on the latest scientific research in neuroscience and connective tissue.
  • Learn to incorporate movement strategies to facilitate new movement patterns to increase long term carry over of therapeutic care.
  • Learn dialoguing skills to address the cognitive patterns and lifestyle choices in order to influence the physical balance of the body.
  • Learn documentation skills to increase efficiency and consistency in communication.
  • Learn how to practice self care practices and strategies to avoid burnout.
  • Learn models of myofascial kinetic chains and how they can be used as a ‘roadmap’ in determining restrictions in the body and progression of care.
  • Learn how to teach your clients how to activate their own ‘inner physician’ as part of the healing process.
  • Learn how the use of somatic sensations can play an important role in facilitating change in postural and tensional patterns.

Who is this training for?

    Eligible students include massage therapists, Bowen practitioners, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, movement specialists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Physicians who have taken the previous Tensegrity Medicine courses offered in Austria..

Our emphasis is not on ‘fixing’ our clients, but instead helping locate and identify where the ‘stagnations’ lie in the system(s), increasing self awareness and compassionate witnessing to these regions, and ultimately training the client in establishing new patterns.  We achieve this through hands on treatment,  movement,  dialoguing and training in lifestyle habits as a means to create empowerment and long lasting change.  This approach leads to resolution of pain, chronic movement and functional limitations while returning agency back to the client.


April 24, 2020
April 27, 2020
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