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Introduction to Bodymind Dialoguing

Who Is This Training For?

  • The practitioner who is ready to practice in a deeper, more purposeful, fulfilling way
  • One who is committed to their own self  journey and wants to bridge self awareness and exploratory practices into their professional setting
  • One who is looking for a framework and language to explore the inner ecosystem of their clients and themselves by using a compassionate non-pathologizing Self led lens
  • The therapist who is interested in inter-relational neurobiology and the healing effects of relational attunement
  • The practitioner who wants to move beyond just working with the physical form into incorporating  a more comprehensive approach to their offerings
  • Those committed to offering treatment interventions that promote long lasting change and whole person transformation.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to tap into belief systems, emotional and tensional patterns through dialoguing and awareness practices
  • Integrate practical relational skill building informed by interpersonal neurobiology, systems thinking, experiential somatic psychology, polyvagal theory, Hakomi and Internal Family Systems
  • Enrich your skill set of working with the whole bodymind in your unique clinical setting
  • Gain practical dialoguing skills in a safe like minded community while also exploring your own inner landscape
  • Translate these newfound practices into your clinical practice and to your own interpersonal relationships

How Is This Course Structured?

You will have unlimited access to:

  • 3 prerecorded lectures 
  • 3 live online courses which will also be recorded

Additionally you will receive:

  • Downloadable meditations which can be used for your own self inquiry or with clients
  • Access to a private discussion forum where you can converse with other students, share relatable content, communicate with Kelly, ask clinical questions.

Course Details

3- Recorded Lectures

  • Topics related to interpersonal neurobiology, polyvagal theory, the Tensegrity Medicine framework, concepts related to multiplicity and parts, and trauma informed care.

3- Two hour Classes

Week One:

  • Explore the internal ecosystem from a tensegral lens
  • Identify and map resistive stagnations which include parts and emotions

Week Two:

  • Explore the concept of self energy and wholeness-how highlight these characteristics in clinical treatment
  • Learn how to locate, identify and befriend the protective system.  Understand how this relates to fascia & nervous system functioning

Week Three:

  • Learn how to work with tension-compression stagnations and befriend extremes found in opposing forces
  • Introduction to energy stagnations related to cultural, lineage, and ancestral burdens.


Thursday May 16, 23, 30, 2024

9:00am-11:00amPT 12pm-2:00pmET



Payment plans are available upon request






Kelly Clancy
206 698-3187