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Date: August 19 – November 30




Are you new to setting up your own practice?  Are you an experienced practitioner who is looking for additional tips and ideas to make your business run more smoothly?

Well this class has been created to help those of you who are committed to your craft and are wanting to focus on creating and sustaining a thriving holistic health care practice.

I’ve met so many of you who are fantastic therapists but are not as clear about how to run a successful practice.  Some of you have amazing skills when it comes to treating clients and want to go out on their own with this work but don’t know how to start.  Some of you are ‘rocking it’ but would love more tips on how to step up your game.  Many of you are wanting to network and share ideas and questions with other holistic practitioners.  This course is for you!

We will cover the ‘ins and outs’ of what it takes to excel in the healthcare field while running a holistic health practice.  From social media advertising, documentation, licensing, how to talk to other providers about your business, how to talk about your holistic services to clients and referral sources, how to ensure reimbursement for your services.

Learn more about NPI’s, ICD 10 codes, documentation terminology to validate your holistic treatments, insurance credentialing, scheduling, rental contracts, ethics.

There is so much isn’t there to think about??

Well I am here to share with you what I have learned running a successful practice as a solo practitioner and a corporate business owner with multiple employees.  Harley is also here to share her business advise from her business degree as well as her experience running the back end of my business.


  • The student will learn concepts related to running a business from the front and back end
  • The student will understand successful components related to an interactive website and social media presence
  • The student will gain an understanding of how to recruit and maintain a consistent client base
  • The student will learn documentation principles related to a holistic health care practice
  • The student will learn about reimbursement structures including the pros and cons of an insurance versus cash based practice
  • The student will practice and learn ways to discuss and describe their practice with clients, healthcare practitioners, and the community


This online class consists of 6 recorded webinars, with an easy to follow manual containing pertinent resources, and copies of each presentation.  The webinars will be followed by live calls where students will be able to ask questions, share ideas, and support each other on their entrepreneurial journeys.  There will be a private discussion forum where the students and instructor can post questions in between classes, share resources and tips.

  • 6 downloadable recorded webinars
  • Full PDF manual
  • Live Q&A teleconferences scheduled one week following the release of the recorded webinars
  • Private discussion forum


  • Class One:  Front End Business Practices

Get to know other holistic entrepreneurs!- Learn and share with other like minded practitioners

Includes information about creating and maintaining an engaging website, branding, creating a  mission statements, establishment of a social media presence.  Set intentions for the class and share with others.

  • Class Two:  Back End Business Practices

Includes licensing, insurance liability, tax filings, establishing vendors

  • Class Three:  Marketing and Advertising

Includes Social media, scheduling social media posts, when to pay for advertisement, identifying your target audience, how to talk about your holistic work.  Pros and cons of print advertising

  • Class Four:  Building and Maintaining a Client Base

Include information about scheduling apps, pros and cons of client self scheduling, plan of care-how and why to establish, arc of  care, how to discuss the plan with clients and referral sources

  • Class Five:   Reimbursement models and documentation

Includes pros and cons of an insurance based practice, super bills, rules and regulations about establishing rates, documentation of a holistic practice, key phrases, how to justify your care, evaluation and progress note forms

  • Class Six:   Business ethics and boundaries

Includes requirements for accreditation-responsible marketing, POC, dating, how to talk about other providers,  how to run a socially conscious business, how to manage employees, empathy versus boundaries, how to avoid burnout



First recorded webinar released August 19th.

First live (recorded) Q&A session September 4th



High speed internet

A willingness to extend yourself and represent yourself in the world professionally and successfully!

Willingness to communicate and share with others in an online format.



Registration opens June 25th, 2019

Early Bird:  $25 off your registration thru August 31st with coupon code SUMMER!

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November 30
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