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Embodied Tensegrity Medicine Community Group

  • Are you finding yourself yearning for a like minded community where you can experience more authentic connection?
  • Are you wanting to bring more embodied relational tools into  your manual therapy or movement sessions?
  • Are you wanting to connect with yourself and others in a more embodied way?
  • Are you wanting to practice and experience more relational embodied listening  in your personal and professional life?
  • Are you wanting to learn creative and embodied experiential practices for yourself and your clients?


This ongoing community group has been created because of my observations and experiences of teaching courses related to anatomy, manual therapy, and bodymind dialoguing to movement and manual therapists around the world.

What I have come to recognize is that it is less important which ‘tool’ we use- (which manual therapy technique we apply), how much relational anatomy we understand, but instead,  to help our clients get to the root causes of adaptive patterns.  This is best arrived at when we can compassionately know and embody our own bodymind.

Questions that I have asked myself along the way:

  • How can we learn to become more aware of and be with our own parts and patterns, and those of our clients, in order to facilitate real transformational change?
  • What are the commonly held belief systems which get in the way of us living into the full life that we want for ourselves and our clients?
  • How can we facilitate true safe connection by implementing transformational bodymind practices within our treatment settings?

This community group is a place
for us to come together
to playfully explore these questions

By participating in practices which help us authentically attune to ourselves and others, we can gain skills that can be used in our own self care practices and within our treatment settings.

This can be a place for us to share ourselves and our own journey, within a safe community, while we model and practice relational connection.

This is also a place where we get to play with all types of intelligent knowing.

We will explore various practices involving the body and our creativity, as a way to better know and embody our internal ecosystem.  We will do this through experiential exercises  involving intuitive movement, IFS demonstrations, sculpting, creative art practices (no skills required here), music, play,  and journaling.

In addition, there will be didactic learning, where we will continue to explore the latest science and the clinical implementation of  Tensegrity Medicine principles.

Join us!  We will meet bimonthly online for 90′ connecting, playing, learning, and exploring in a safe supportive environment

Here is a bit of what you can expect:

  • Explore, in greater detail, Tensegrity Medicine principles and how they apply to yourself and your clients in everyday living
  • Participate in experiential processes involving movement, writing, art, and dynamic play, in order to better understand the internal ecosystem
  • Learn how to receive and offer authentic embodied listening
  • Explore novel entry points of Tensegrity Medicine interventions, gaining practical clinical tools and lifestyle habits for yourself and your clients
  • Become more aware of legacy burdens and how this history impacts our perception of the present moment
  • Learn to befriend your own patterns and parts which cover your essential nature
  • Expand  practical skills to assist your clients in being with their own patterns and parts
  • Practice bringing Self led energy into relationship with yourself and your personal and professional relationships
  • Explore the practice of listening without wanting to fix, give advise, or being stuck in your own thinking mind
  • Practice noticing where and what can easily flow in your own system and where resistance lies
  • Practice trusting yourself and others in relationship
  • Be part of a community interested in transformational growth

The skills that we will be exploring with each other are ones which can help us ‘come home to ourselves’.  They are also the skills that can invite transformational change within our clinical sessions, as well as within our relationships as a whole.

Come feel and experience the power of relational
healing in a like minded community!


Meet twice a month for 90′  sessions

On the first and third Tuesday of the month we will come together in an experiential way,  contemplating  primary curiosity questions related to adaptive parts and patterns.

  • Includes a variety of creative practices that include intuitive movement, dialogue, demonstration, guest lecturers, curiosity questions, didactic learning, music, implementation of Tensegrity Medicine principles, relational attunement practices, and more!
  • Private discussion forum where the group can stay in between sessions-sharing ideas, asking questions, sharing resources
  • Guest speakers-facilitators-bringing their expertise and practices related to Tensegrity Medicine and whole person care
  • Book club and/or journal clubs (group will decide on future readings)_TBA

Bonus #1:  Invitation to our 1 hour monthly clinical consultation group. Q&A regarding the practice of Tensegrity Medicine (Held  at 9amPT on the last Wednesday of the month)

Bonus #2:  Discount pricing and early registration for upcoming Tensegrity Medicine retreats and conferences


1st and 3rd Tuesday 9am-10:30amPT

Registration for this series closes March 31st


Online virtual sessions via Zoom platform.

This course recommends a commitment to be present during the live calls.

We will record the events if you are unable to attend, however, attendance ensures maximum benefit through participation.



  • $99 monthly
  • Scholarships available (contact Kelly for more details)  

You may cancel your subscription at anytime-just email kelly@tensegritymedicine.com

Who is this course for?

Those interested in being part of a like minded group who want to live more authentically, practice more holistically, and are curious and passionate about embodied living through experiential processes



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Kelly Clancy
206 698-3187