The Tensegrity Medicine™ methodology was created in 2011 by Kelly Clancy as a way to comprehensively treat clients and to educate both local and distance learners about emerging ideas related to fascia, biotensegrity, and the bodymind connection.

This cutting edge treatment and training approach is unique in that it uses the latest scientific understanding and research of relational anatomy, applied biotensegrity, trauma informed care, psychoneuroimmunology, and neuroscience.  This comprehensive foundation thus informs the Tensegrity Medicine clinician in the evaluation and application of light touch strategies and somatically informed dialoguing interventions.

This individualized bodymind approach allows the clinician to utilize comprehensive person centered tools in treating the origin and manifestation of postural and pain issues while addressing the whole person in a safe and nurturing environment.

Over the years, Tensegrity Medicine™ courses have garnered national and international attention.  Course offerings include short course introductory topics, community groups, retreats, and an online comprehensive mentorship training.  The TM curriculum continues to evolve and progress with updated course content based on the scientific progression of understanding relational anatomy and the bodymind connection.

You can find out more about Tensegrity Medicine by reading Kelly’s new book Tensegrity Medicine:  An Integrative Approach to Bodymind Wellness

Kelly Clancy
Kelly Clancy

Kelly Clancy, OTR/L, CHT, BCSI, LMT

Through somatic awareness practices, education on self-care, nutrition, movement, and exercise, Kelly focuses on the multifaceted, multilayered components that lead to greater health and wellness. Her primary goal is to empower her clients and students in learning and practicing a balanced lifestyle that not only supports health and well being, but focuses on ‘a return to oneself’ and their souls true purpose.

Kelly uses her skills as a hands on therapist and holistic health counselor to address the multifaceted, layered components that may contribute to pain, dis-ease, and dysfunction. Along with treating structural imbalances that may be present in the body, Kelly also brings awareness and inquiry into  the emotional and perceptual factors present, and their impact on the body’s regulatory systems.

Kelly has been a practicing Occupational Therapist for over 34 years. She has sub-specialty training within the field as a board certified hand therapist-upper extremity specialist.  She is a board certified Structural Integrator and Massage Therapist.  She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a Holistic Health Counselor. She is on clinical faculty with the University of Washington’s rehabilitation department.  She completed her Level 1 training in Internal Family Systems through the Center for Self Leadership and her Level 1 training in Hakomi through the Hakomi Seattle Education Network.

Kelly founded and directed the Seattle Center for Structural Medicine for 11 years and sold the holistic therapy clinic to Integrated Rehabilitation Group in 2017.  She also founded the Northwest School of Structural Therapy where she developed the Tensegrity Medicine™ methodology. She teaches nationally and internationally, lecturing on topics related to biotensegrity informed therapeutic assessment, light touch manual therapy treatment techniques, somatic inquiry and Integrative coaching.

Her clinical practice, based in Seattle, Washington, currently is offering Integrative Coaching via telehealth to clients worldwide.  She can be reached at kelly@tensegritymedicine.com

“Thank you for such an inspirational and motivating weekend. You have a lovely way of teaching and your passion just washes over the whole room. I can’t wait for your next visit to the UK.” –Shirley S, UK